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One attractive aspect of Mexico retirement Puerto Vallarta is that of a car-free lifestyle. There is certainly plenty of Puerto Vallarta real estate for sale in town and in nearby communities within walking distance to just about everything; a recent idea to make the downtown waterfront promenade, known as the "Malecon," completely car-free will help develop this kind of lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta.

The plan seems to hold popularity; a recent survey showed that 80% of respondents supported the idea of making the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta entirely pedestrian. The street, formally named Paseo Díaz Ordaz, runs through the heart of the old town along the beachfront, and currently includes a beachfront promenade with a street open to traffic along side of it. The idea is to close this section of the street, leaving the entire space dedicated entirely to pedestrians.

Besides the desired effect of drawing more tourism to Puerto Vallarta, the change would also greatly benefit the lifestyle of the many Americans and Canadians who buy Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale in the nearby area. Even residents who buy back from the beach within walking distance, or a drive away from the heart of downtown, will benefit from the relaxing atmosphere created by such a change; it will make the Malecon even more spacious, more open and more relaxing for tourists and residents alike to walk along the beachfront, enjoying close access to the shops and restaurants which have made the stretch so popular.

Real estate in general will also continue to benefit from the ongoing investment that increasing tourism will bring. The projects main goal of increasing tourism interest in the area means that large international corporations will also be motivated to keep opening new stores, building new golf courses, and increasing the number of activities and outings available. This factor, which is already strong, will continue to increase the attractiveness for retirees to buy real estate and live in Puerto Vallarta.

Ongoing improvements from the government – such as this malecon project – also help to keep interest alive from vacation renters, allowing retirees who live in Puerto Vallarta for only the winter the possibility of covering expenses of ownership through vacation rental if they so choose.

This is an exciting new project, and North Americans considering Puerto Vallarta real estate for their beachfront retirement can follow its progress to see how this location continually offers vacationers and retirees more.

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