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When most Americans and Canadians retirees buy, they appreciate the idea of knowing that they can somehow contribute to preserving the beautiful nature which drew them to the area. Many of those enjoying Playa del Carmen retirement also like to hear about efforts from the large resort corporations in this same effort. One such event was announced in spring 2011; Palace Resorts is holding its sixth annual recycling marathon.


Palace Resort's recycling event is an effort across of its locations (in Mexico and the Dominican Republic), and part of its environmental commitment. Through activities such as recycling Marathon, Palace Resorts promotes environmental awareness and calls for its 8 thousand employees to participate, allowing and encouraging them to bring all recyclable waste generated in their homes to the hotels where they work, thus avoiding that the waste fills landfills or pollutes ecosystems, parks and city streets.


Generally, retirees and other expats are among the most active supporters of recycling and environmental efforts, bringing habits from their home community, or even more dedicated environmental focus.


Playa del Carmen, the main location for Palace Resorts, with 11 out of 13 in the surrounding area, will benefit greatly from this ongoing effort to promote recycling among the area's local population. Playa del Carmen property value is also supported through the effort which helps to keep the city clean; Playa del Carmen is considered one of the cleanest cities in Mexico and Central America.


In the Palace Resorts campaign, as an incentive and reward for their participation, the 10 employees who assemble the most recyclable materials will be granted a prize, ranging from one night's accommodation for two people, to appliances.


This initiative adds to more than 52 environmental events carried out by Palace Resorts in each of its locations in the Playa del Carmen area and beyond. Some locations have been recognized by the Federal Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) Earthcheck, Golf Environmental Organization (GEO) and the Initiative for the Protection of the Sea (MARTI), tested for their environmental performance.


Similar events and small community organizations give retirees who are interested in environmental efforts a way to be involved to help the community as a whole. For those with other kinds of interests, there are a wide range of ways to contribute to the community. Playa del Carmen retirement is about relaxation, comfort and good games of golf; but it also offers opportunities for involvement in the community for those who are interested.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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