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One of the wonders of Puerto Vallarta real estate is that the area offers a unique combination of a very traditional Mexican charm coexisting, side-by-side, with the best of modern luxury and comfort. This fact was reflected by a return to "traditional" hotels in the downtown area during the Easter season 2011.

Numbers from this holiday period showed that room occupancy rates throughout the region were high, but leading the numbers were the traditional hotels. This reflects several facts about the real estate market area as well. Buyers can choose Mexico condos for sale along the beachfront or the more newly developing areas, or they can buy more traditional Mexico homes for sale in the central area, and live comfortably in both.

It also reflects the variety in pricing and lifestyle available. Just as vacationers can choose an all-inclusive resort, real estate buyers can choose homes or condos in a resort setting, enjoying all the amenities offered for these vacation-oriented complexes, on a day to day basis. On the other hand, just like other vacationers prefer to pay a lower room rate, and enjoy the amenities of the town itself, choosing their restaurants and activities for themselves, real estate buyers have the choice of living in or walking distance to the old town and enjoy that aspect of Puerto Vallarta.

The benefit of living in Puerto Vallarta is that residents can choose to buy real estate in one style of location, but still enjoy the other on a regular basis.

Another point which hotel statistics showed is that the majority of guests are repeat visitors; people who come to Puerto Vallarta want to come back. The majority of people have such a good experience that they even choose the exact same hotel. Many people, Americans, Canadians and Europeans, eventually just decide to stay here. Of course, the majority are retirees, since that's the time they finally have the option in living in the place they love the most.

In any case, all enjoy the unique combination in Puerto Vallarta of old charm and modern comfort and convenience.

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