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A growing number of Americans and Canadians are beginning to buy Mexico real estate in the charming old communities in the historic center of Merida, the capital of Yucatan; for this reason, it is a benefit to Yucatan real estate buyers that the state has recently restored and beautified several old churches in the historic city.

One example is the Church of Santa Lucia, which is the third oldest church building in the city, which, during mid-April 2011, received a new night-time illumination system that enhances its architectural beauty, moving it higher on the list of attractions to visit in the historic center of the capital of Yucatan.

The lighting project for the old church cost about $100,000 USD, and funds came from the Historical Heritage Rescue Project. Other maintenance work consisted of cleaning the walls and roof, patching decorations, and an interior lighting system.

According to historical data, this church was built in the sixteenth century, completed in 1620. The church yard served as the city cemetery until 1821. In the early 50's, the painter Torre Gamboa created the mural depicting the torture of Santa Lucia.

As far as the church of the Third Order, who also goes by the name of "Jesus" tonight delivered the refurbishment and lighting works, consisting of the establishment of 254 lights both inside and outside, in which it invested 1.8 million pesos.

En el evento, el secretario de Obras Públicas, Francisco Torres Rivas, explicó que este edificio tiene una historia de 400 años, ya que comenzó a ser construido en 1604 como parte del anexo del Colegio de San Francisco Javier de la Compañía de Jesús que se estableció en Mérida a petición del Ayuntamiento de ese entonces. In the event, the Minister of Public Works, Francisco Torres Rivas, said that this building has a history of 400 years, it began to be built in 1604 as part of the annex of the College of St. Francis Xavier of the Society of Jesus to established in Merida at the request of the City Council at that time.

Another example is the Church "Tercera Orden", or "Third Order," which in 1624 became a university, but after 1767, the church was occupied by the Franciscans of the "Third Order," from which organization it took the name that by which it is better known. This church was restored, with its stones cleaned, and likewise illuminated.

The current administration has realized the value of the city's old charm, both in attracting tourists, and for residents – Mexicans and expats – and has consequently investment in the restoration of 157 historic buildings, including 115 churches, amounting to about $9 million USD (93 million pesos.)

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