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When you buy Playa del Carmen real estate -, you will want to inspect the property carefully before completing contracts, etc., ensuring that items are in working order and that it is clear whose responsibility each given repair will be.   While this list is not exhaustive, the following are a few items that tend to be different when buying a Mexico home for sale.


Air conditioners - Air conditioners in Mexico are usually what's called a mini-split.   These include the air unit in various rooms of the home, with the compressor unit outside, usually on the rooftop, connected by pipes.   Make sure that the air conditioner has a remote control, that it is not noisy and that it works.   Also, take a peek on the rooftop to see if anything looks or sounds funny about the compressor.

Yard area - If you are buying a Playa del Carmen home for sale, you will usually be responsible for your own yard maintenance, as opposed to condo buyers.   Yards in Mexico tend to be separated from neighboring yards by concrete walls.     Check the condition and consider how much work will be involved in the upkeep.

Pools - If there is a pool, also make sure everything works (filters, pumps, etc.), and that you are familiar with maintenance routines and costs.

Water heater - Water heaters tend to be smaller, and are sometimes located outside.   If the heater is not properly protected, it may have been weathered by the area's humidity.   Take a peek inside, and make sure it is not rusted out.   Check to see if it lights and heats correctly.   If it is outside and shows wear accordingly, you may wish to consider having a shelter installed when you install a new one.

Gas connection - There are no city gas lines in Playa del Carmen.   Gas is received through individual tanks, either small, movable tanks which are filled up as needed by a truck that drives by daily and takes them, returning them the next day, or larger stationary tanks, usually on the rooftop.   A larger truck will come and fill these on site, and they don't have to be filled as often.   Make sure you know which type of gas tank your home has.


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