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Are you considering buying Mexico real estate?  If so, have you surrounded yourself with the resources you need to buy safely?  Consider the following steps, to ensure you are really ready to buy in another country.

Inform yourself.  Information about Mexico real estate is available online.  Be sure to find resources prepared by qualified and experienced professionals.  These resources can include blogs, Mexico real estate guide e-books, Q&A articles and forums where you can ask questions.  While buying in Mexico is completely safe when done correctly, there are differences from buying in your home country, and it’s entirely in your favor to be aware of these differences.

Be aware of Mexico laws. Mexico laws allow for foreigners to own real estate with full rights in Mexico.  However, there are some extra processes in certain locations and situations; it is also important for you to be aware of these situations so that you are not surprised by when they turn up in your buying process.  This will help you buy with confidence.


Find a Mexico broker.  This is perhaps the most important of the steps.  Gaining information ahead of time may help you realize the importance of choosing your broker, and knowing what to look for in a broker.  However, finding a broker who is qualified, with studies to back experience, as well as reliable and dedicated to the best interest of their clients will be the best guarantee that you have someone who knows the differences in buying in Mexico and is familiar with the relevant laws.  Another important process with which the right broker will be able to help is advising you when you need other professionals, such as a lawyer or notary public.  They will also be able to advise you on what to look for in these professionals, or even make recommendations on professionals that past clients have worked with and were satisfied with.

Yes, buying in Mexico is safe, but you need to recognize that it’s a different process, a different country and different laws.  Inform yourself and follow the steps above to ensure that this important experience is one of the best you will have in your lifetime.

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Area: Mexico laws. Juancarlos Pelaez has been helping non-Mexicans with their real estate contracts and activities in the Yucatan Peninsula region for over 10 years. As a graduate from the prestigious Mexican University of Monterrey Technologico with a masters degree from Madrid, Spain, Juancarlos has ample knowledge in the regional laws and obstacles that most Americans and Canadians experience. You can contact him at (512) 879-6546 or through the company’s web site www.TOPmexicorealestate.com

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