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The Cancun real estate - area will soon be benefiting from another ferry dock, connecting Punta Sam to Isla Mujeres.   Ferry docks in the past have helped boost real estate markets, boosting the value and supply of Mexico homes for sale in nearby communities.


The director of the Port Authority of Quintana Roo (the state which includes Cancun and Isla Mujeres) made the announcement in late April, 2011, stating that the purpose was to strengthen the promotion of tourism in the island of Isla Mujeres.   The plan is to complete the dock during 2011.


While the main focus is tourism, nearby areas have seen significant real estate boosts resulting from the presence of ferry docks.   The dock in Playa del Carmen offering service to the island of Cozumel, is a nearby example - only 45 minutes down the road.   This dock not only gave tourism and real estate a boost on the island, but was actually instrumental in transforming Playa del Carmen from a fishing village on the beach to the area's second most frequented tourist community; originally, Playa del Carmen was just a stopover where tourists would wait for the next ferry to the island.   These same tourists soon began to discover the charm of Fifth Avenue, which began to grow, and is now a thriving pedestrian street of shops, restaurants and bars.


This same transformation led to the boom in Playa del Carmen real estate during the last decade, as the community grew to one of the most desirable expat destinations in Latin America.


The state's government is hoping that the new dock will have similar (even if less pronounced) benefits in tourism and real estate both for the island of Isla Mujeres and the area around the new dock in Punta Sam.


Punta Sam is expected to gain growing urban infrastructure partly because of the new dock.   The support that the new dock and infrastructure will bring to providers of tourist services on Isla Mujeres will also bring new investment, and more services, such as restaurants and stores, benefiting those who buy real estate on the island.


The work will be carried out in a coordinated effort between the state government and the Municipality of Isla Mujeres.   The project is expected to require about 1 million 500 thousand pesos ($130,000 USD.); Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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