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Part of the appeal of Cancun real estate has always been the close access to nature.  While the nature is usually found outside of the city itself, in May 2011, the state government announced a plan to invest in an environmental restoration program directly in the Hotel Zone, benefiting the Mexico condos for sale in the area.

The announcement was given in early May 2011, reflecting the environmental commitment of the state’s new governor, Roberto Borge.  The governor has already expressed his wishes to promote a "Green Quintana Roo,” (the state where Cancun is located;) this project specifically will invest in the environmental restoration of Bojorquez Lagoon, located in the heart Cancun’s “Hotel Zone,” the most popular destination for American tourists, and one of the top choices for expat real estate buyers as well.  The project will require an investment of 22.2 million pesos (about $2 million USD.)

This project is yet another demonstration of how Cancun reflects many of the best qualities of Mexico real estate.  Cancun, developed to offer a comfortable lifestyle to vacationers and expat residents on some of the world’s finest beaches, has also come to offer a complete set of modern conveniences and services, ranging from large international stores like Home Depot and Walmart, to professional golf courses, to state-of-the-art hospitals.  All of this can be enjoyed from the finest of comfortable condos for sale, which are still available at affordable prices.

This high quality of life has been balanced with care to protect and preserve nature, both to continue offering tourists the benefits of unique features such as the coral reef and “cenotes” (beautiful, natural pools, ideal for swimming) and for the sake of the environment itself.  Several hotels in the area have won awards for their environment-focused construction and operation.  In turn, this has offered condo buyers the benefit of living near many well-preserved natural features.

The new investment into the lagoon is one more example of this dedication.  Resources will come from both state and federal sources, with the purpose of making this major natural attraction in Cancun sustainable.

The focus of the current state government is to advance with development – both tourist and real estate - without causing damage to nature.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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