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One of the defining points in Puerto Vallarta real estate has been the innovation and leadership the area has taken in the field of tourism; growing tourism and a very attractive urban atmosphere have made Puerto Vallarta one of the leading areas for Mexico beachfront for sale.

Recently, Puerto Vallarta’s innovation in tourism was both reviewed and further promoted through the Fifth International Seminar on New Tourism Alternatives (SINAT), which has become one of the most important gatherings of scholars in the field of tourism studies at higher education level.  It was held in Puerto Vallarta on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May, with the central theme of "Tourism in local development."

While the studies and presentations were largely of an academic nature, they reflect the importance and interrelation of highly successful tourism on a community’s real estate market.  The shape and tastes of tourism in Puerto Vallarta have brought golf courses, marinas, shopping malls, upscale and trendy shopping and dining area, as well as nightlife.

Beachfront real estate owners in Puerto Vallarta have enjoyed the best of these same amenities, often within walking of their homes, living a vacation-like lifestyle as a part of day to day life.

Although the community of Puerto Vallarta is significantly older, in this respect the area closely resembles Cancun real estate, which is also inseparably tied to the huge success of the areas tourism.

The SINAT seminar included the development of five working groups in which they provide about 20 contributions by researchers in tourism, among which are: "Local development, leisure and tourism: a viable equation to the rural?”, “Urban planning, tourism and local development. Reflections on the planning instruments in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco,” and “Local territorial development approach for the analysis of sustainable tourism.”

Other works to be presented in different panels include: "Puerto Vallarta, 1968-1995: political and social development in a tourist area", "Productive projects in local development: the case of the North Coast Jalisco,” and “Institutions of higher education and its impact on local development: the case of the University of Bahia de Banderas.

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