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In mid-May the Tulum real estate received the important news that Mexico’s federal Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) ruled to halt any development on the land the federal government had included in the area’s famous archaeological site; while it is not expected that the court’s ruling will affect Mexico condos for sale or other markets near the town center area, it does mean that Tulum will have to re-work its current urban development plan.

The main focus of the ruling was that national parks are under the regime, protection and exclusive control of the federal government, although there may be coordination with state and municipal administration.

As a result of this ruling, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Tulum’s Municipal Urban Development Program for 2006 to 2030 (PDDU) approved by the town’s council.  The Urban Development Plan had changed the status of some land in the archaeological site of Tulum -Tankah, to allow construction and tourism development.

While the exact results of the ruling are yet to be determined, it is expected that real estate buyers will be able to continue buying with confidence in most of Tulum’s development, which is not near or involved with the archaeological site; buyers could buy in Tulum safely and confidently before the Development Plan was put into place by the newly formed municipality, and for this reason it is expected that they will be able to do continue to do so.

Currently Tulum is an exciting market for land and condo sales, with some homes on the market as well.  New developments like Aldea Zama offer land in an upscale village setting and plans are underway for a large-scale beachfront resort development including Mexico golf course real estate.

As for the ruling mentioned above, it is expected that a solution will be reached quickly, since the court also decided that the Federal government can coordinate with local authorities for the management of national parkland because it is not an exclusive authority, opening the doors for negotiation and progress.

Typically, what is considered to be under federal control in Mexico includes archaeological monuments, plazas, promenades and public parks, which are conservation by the federal government.

The areas known as the Tulum National Park and Tulum-Tankah Archaeological Monuments Zone were expropriated by the federal government for public purpose on April 23, 1981.

Again, it is not expected that development away from the archeological area will be affected.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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