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In a recent investigation into investing in Mexico in general, Martin Currie’s Jeff Casson concluded, “my trip confirms my view that there are plenty of opportunities for investors in Mexico,” adding that Mexico “has its problems” – which country doesn’t? – “but the government is tackling them - and all the indicators are showing it is succeeding.”

A very similar observation could be made about Puerto Vallarta real estate and other areas the Pacific Coast.  Opportunities are abounding; while some buyers hesitate due to problems that show up in the news, these are being dealt with, and the government’s current strategies appear to be working.

Other markets to consider are Mazatlan real estate, which offers the unique situation of an original colonial city directly on the beachfront, or Ixtapa Real Estate, which is Mexico second integrated resort community, created during the 70s after the success of Cancun, also offering the balance of the traditional Mexican town of Zihuatanejo only about 20 minutes away.

Let’s consider some of the strengths which Jeff Casson points out, indicating Mexico’s investment opportunities:

  • potential for economic growth
  • many of the better-known global brands like Starbucks (not to mention Walmart and Sears)
  • substantial expansion is in homebuilding – good sign for real estate buyers
  • mortgage institutions provide a unique funding system – Mexico mortgages are now available for foreign buyers as well
  • Mexico's central bank is not expected to increase interest rates soon, in contrast to other countries in Latin America – again, good news for those buying on a mortgage in Mexico
  • The economy as a whole is in pretty healthy shape. Job creation has been strong, with approximately 850,000 new positions created in 2010, and 350,000 in the first quarter of this year.
  • Inflation remains well grounded

These economic indicators are also important to show financial, economic and political stability in the country, all good items for real estate buyers and those planning on living here long-term.

Consistently, the biggest objection to buying real estate in Mexico and living in this country is the reports of drug violence; besides the fact that these problems exist in isolated markets, Casson points out that the government’s strategy to address these problems seems to be working.  Even the U.S. government has acknowledged that Mexican President Calderon’s war on drugs, although sparking an initial wave of violence, will soon be paying off.

In terms of real estate on the Pacific Coast, the opportunities are here and the indicators suggest that things will only be getting better.  Now is an ideal time to buy before prices begin to rise as more people realize the benefits of buying in Mexico.

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