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One of the most attraction options for a retirement lifestyles is a Playa del Carmen condo on the ground floor – also known as a “garden unit” because of the gardens that are offered with these units.  The following are some of the benefits of this kind of unit.

The Garden – Typically, these units are sold with a small “back yard” included, sometimes even a little larger with a pool.  This means that retirees can enjoy the convenience of living in a condominium with easy maintenance, while still having the pleasure of gardening and growing plants all year round.  One of the advantages of living in Playa del Carmen, after all, is the warm weather all year for activities like gardening.  This also provides a nice little private yard space in addition to the common areas.


Ground Floor Access – This means no stairs.  You can walk directly into your unit on entrance level.  While exercise is a good thing, climbing stairs can be left for 20-year-old football players; you can enjoy a nice relaxing bike ride on one of the area’s many bike trails, come home, park the bike and sit down for a cold drink on your deck chair!

Direct Access to Pools, Green Areas – On the same note, you can open your patio door, and have the pool virtually at your door step; enjoying the amenities and common areas of the complex is easier from these units as well.


Views – While typically people associate views with penthouse units, it’s at least as beautiful to have a view of the green areas, landscaping, trees and vegetation directly out of your window – you don’t even need to go out to the terrace to enjoy the view if you don’t want to.

Pricing – Garden units tend to be much more competitively priced than the penthouses that everybody wants.  Penthouses definitely have their advantages, but a Playa del Carmen condo garden unit offers a unique set of advantages, often even more appealing to retirement living, which is even more attractive because of the price.

When you’re considering and choosing a Playa del Carmen condo for your retirement, ask your agent to show you a garden unit.  You may find these units to be the best choice for your needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Doug Morgan was born in Dayton, Ohio and got his education in the Buckeye State. He has enjoyed success in the life insurance business and investment business, and is now enjoying a relaxing retirement in Playa del Carmen. His great joys are his 3 wonderful grandchildren back in Ohio, and enjoying his travels and exploration of life in Mexico.  His most difficult challenges in life at this point are trying to master the Spanish language and continuing to perfect his margarita recipe.

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