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The Costa Maya real estate region is distinguished along Mexico’s famous Caribbean coast as being the last region to remain largely undeveloped.  While buyers can take advantage of very low prices and a relaxing lifestyle, modern services are beginning to move into the area; the most recent example is the new hyperbaric chamber in the area’s main town of Mahahual.

The new hyperbaric chamber will be installed with an investment of $3 million dollars not only to provide care and relief to people but also to patients with diabetes, diabetic foot, sudden deafness and autism.

This addition to the area’s basic medical services is perhaps a signal of major medical facilities to come in the future.  While good services are available, they tend to cover the basics, and those in need of more specialized processes often go to the nearby city of Chetumal, about an hour and a half away.   Likewise, as the Tulum real estate (only slightly further in the opposite direction) begins a time of major growth, residents of the Costa Maya area will find a growing number of medical services in that area.

Another promising development in Tulum is the upcoming construction of the Riviera Maya International Airport, which will provide closer travel options for tourists arriving in the south of the region (i.e. Costa Maya.)  With an increase in tourism, further services should become available.  With new growth in Tulum, new medical services will appear there, perhaps eventually similar to the large variety of international-quality healthcare options seen in the Cancun real estate area.

On the other hand, Costa Maya will continue to see more medical services appearing.  With increased tourism, and a growing expat population, private medical companies will have incentive to invest into the area’s healthcare.

The hyperbaric chamber itself is a useful tool in an ocean-side community, serving the local population (which are primarily fishermen or tour guides) as well as visitors and expats.  The facilities that house the hyperbaric chamber will be in an area of 150 square meters, located next to City Hall.  It will include an office, two bathrooms and one bathroom with dressing room.

This is the first hyperbaric chamber in the south of the Mexican Caribbean cost, with most medical investment to date taking place in the northern areas around Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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Region: Costa Maya Real Estate. Rebecca Loto is from the U.K. and after obtaining an Honours BA in Urban Development, she satisfied her desire to learn other languages by working in the tourism industry in various countries worldwide. After moving to Mahahual and building her own home, Loto became acutely aware of the issues that can arise, often complicated for non-fluent Spanish-speakers. She discovered that many people are not accustomed to the work styles in Mexico and become frustrated with the difficulty in finding reliable and trustworthy workers; Loto consequently decided to offer her services to other real estate buyers.

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