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In many of the country’s main markets, Mexico real estate is closely tied to tourism.  For this reason, it is important for buyers and industry professionals to take note of the government’s ongoing emphasis and commitment to strengthening tourism and increasing investment in this area.  Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon recently re-emphasized this point in a speech to a group of CEOs from the international tourism industry.

In early May, 2011, President Felipe Calderon met with a group of CEOs from the global tourism industry, with whom he discussed the importance of this sector in promoting economic development of nations and the global economy.  He shared the most important programs and actions of his government to promote the tourism industry in Mexico. Among these actions, the President named a historic investment in infrastructure, about 5 percent of GDP.  Among its objectives is to facilitate tourists’ arrival to the country as well as their transportation within Mexico, through modern docks, airports and roads.

This example alone is a significant factor for real estate buyers.  Markets where both tourism and real estate are among the leading destinations not only in Mexico, but in Latin America, such as Cancun real estate, and Puerto Vallarta real estate, have already seen what tremendous benefits come with modern road infrastructure, world-class airports and well-designed marinas with their accompanying communities.  Each of these not only facilitates tourism, but also offers expatriate residents a higher quality of life, both arriving easier, and enjoying the area’s lifestyle more completely.

As the year goes on, areas like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are set to continue seeing increasing benefits from the investment which growing tourism generates.  As President Calderon pointed out, the current government has also changed rules and laws to facilitate the entry of tourists and expats into Mexico. He stressed that all these actions, and many others, allow the country to move forward in strengthening the tourism industry, especially in this 2011, which Calderon himself officially declared to be Mexico’s “Year of Tourism.”

President Calderon also pointed out the strengths of the Mexican economy and its positive outlook for growth this year.  This growth partly stems from successful tourism, but also allows the government the resources to continue investing, promoting investment and promoting tourism in places like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.  This, in turn, again helps offer expats a comfortable lifestyle.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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