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Real estate markets tend to reach peaks at which great opportunities abound, and then level off somewhat.  The good news about the Playa del Carmen condo market is that it has not yet reached this point, and has managed to continue offering excellent property options for buyers of all budgets.

Consider these factors which will help you find an opportunity ideal for your needs in Playa del Carmen.

Rapid Growth - Playa del Carmen continues to be one of Latin America’s fastest growing communities.  This means that new developments continue to appear in new parts of the city, offering real estate for prices that are accessible to the average budget.  In many cases, new communities are offering prices that are much lower for similar properties and locations in established areas simply because the fact that they are new and want to “get the ball rolling” for sales.  Pre-construction discounts continue to be an excellent way of saving.

Variety of Development – Not all developments are ritzy, high-priced complexes directly on the beach.  For those who are happy living within walking distance to the beach, there are very nice complexes with a variety of amenities available for prices that would really surprise most buyers.  The units are also well planned, with features such as open-concept spacing, and low-rise buildings.

Careful Urban Planning – Playa del Carmen has developed and has been planned in such a way that there is easy access from new communities to shopping centers, to the downtown tourist district and to the highway to enjoy traveling throughout the area.

Frequent and convenient beachfront access – Part of this layout and current planning strategies includes frequent and convenient beach access from almost any part of the city.  Whether walking or driving, residents can enjoy relaxing daily trips to the beach without having to go out of their way to get there.

Financing Options – On the practical side of things, financing has become much easier in Mexico.  Developers are offering financing options, and getting a mortgage from a bank is a very viable option, with a variety of payment plans.

If you are considering a Playa del Carmen condo and you are buying on a lower budget, explore your options.  You may be surprised what is actually available!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Doug Morgan was born in Dayton, Ohio and got his education in the Buckeye State. He has enjoyed success in the life insurance business and investment business, and is now enjoying a relaxing retirement in Playa del Carmen. His great joys are his 3 wonderful grandchildren back in Ohio, and enjoying his travels and exploration of life in Mexico.  His most difficult challenges in life at this point are trying to master the Spanish language and continuing to perfect his margarita recipe.

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