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Many Americans and Canadians, especially retirees, have heard of Lake Chapala real estate and the quaint, small town lifestyle these lakeside villages offer.  Fewer have heard of the other similar options in this region of Mexico, namely the villages in the Morelia Real Estate area as well as Valle de Bravo real estate.  The following is an overview of each of these options.

Lake Chapala real estate – These towns on the shores of Mexico’s largest lake have been popular as a nicer vacation getaway since the days of Mexico’s longest serving president, Porfirio Diaz, over 125 years ago, when the elite from the country’s two largest cities, Mexico City and Guadalajara, would join the president and his inner circle for a relaxing cottage life there.

Since then, the most common type of resident has shifted from Mexico’s elite to North America’s retirees.  While the cost involved in having a retirement or winter home here has gone down significantly, the quality of life has not.  Retirees still enjoy a very relaxing lifestyle here with a moderate climate, and a low cost of living.

Morelia real estate – Morelia itself is a beautifully kept-up colonial city which is one of the most visited among Mexican national tourists.  The high success of tourism from within Mexico has provided this city with the funds to restore old buildings, and add attractive touches such as night-time lighting for the cathedral.   Real estate is affordable, as is the cost of living.

An option very similar to that of Lake Chapala is the villages on the shores of the nearby lake called Patzcuaro.  These villages are likewise already popular locations, and offer interaction with some of Mexico’s oldest traditions, in a quaint setting that has been restored to the full beauty that these villages have offered for 100s of years.  Beautiful Lakeside cottages are a favorite in these areas.

Valle de Bravo Real Estate – Valle de Bravo is another lakeside village, about 2 hours away from Mexico City.  The city’s emerging middle class has already taken a liking to the town’s quaint atmosphere with cobblestone roads and small white homes.  Homes in town and lakefront cottages are likewise excellent choices here, but one of the defining options is the ranches for sale in the surrounding hills.  These are ideal locations for horse-lovers, or anyone else who appreciates a serene, quiet place where they get back in touch with nature and relaxation.

When considering Mexico real estate, remember that the country is not only hot beachfront locations: very moderate-temperature and picturesque lakefront towns are one of the other excellent choices to consider.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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Region: Morelia Real Estate. Liliana Gonzalez is a bilingual Mexican attorney and real estate consultant in Michoacan. She is the owner/broker of a real estate agency there. Gonzalez holds a law degree at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She is one of first Mexican real estate professionals to receive a degree and a professional identification number in Real Estate. She has also taken numerous NAR courses.

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