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Are you considering buying a preconstruction Playa del Carmen condo in a new community?  If so, there is a good variety of excellent choices available.  One of the first things to do, however, is to evaluate if it is the right kind of property purchase for you.  The following is a list of pros and cons to help you decide.



  • Low prices – Since the north end of Playa del Carmen is relatively new, the prices are still low.  This puts beachfront living in gated communities within access of relatively low budgets.  Financing and mortgage options likewise help those on a smaller budget comfortably buy in this little corner of paradise!
  • High-quality properties – Prices are low because of the newness of the development, not because of the quality of the properties.  The condos themselves are spacious, well-designed, modern and comfortable.  There are also amenities such as pools, lounges, and exercise areas.
  • Pre-construction discounts – On top of already low prices, developers selling in the pre-construction phase will offer noticeable discounts to buyers interested in investing early.  This can offer substantial savings, as well as excellent appreciation potential, with values rising simply as later units are sold.
  • Attractive location – These well-priced and well-designed condos can be found a reasonable walk from the beach, a short drive from stores, downtown, malls, movie theaters and other such amenities.  These communities also tend to have plenty of green areas and features such as bike trails.  The Cancun International Airport is also a short drive away (35 minutes.)


  • Waiting Time – Just like discounts are the advantage of pre-construction, the downside is that the units are not ready immediately.  However, these developments have been advancing quickly and demand has been high.  The waiting time is seldom more than a few months.  Most buyers are buying for future use and the savings easily balance out this short time to wait for the development to complete.
  • Little surrounding development – Since the communities are new, the future stores and amenities that will be within walking distance of the condos are not yet in place.  As mentioned above, the many surrounding conveniences tend to balance this out; besides the savings, many buyers are attracted by the time they will enjoy surrounded by nature instead of development!

For the most part, the pros highly outweigh the cons in importance for the buyers.  While it is necessary for each buyer to evaluate these for themselves, it is rare that these Playa del Carmen condos don’t hold very high appeal.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Doug Morgan was born in Dayton, Ohio and got his education in the Buckeye State. He has enjoyed success in the life insurance business and investment business, and is now enjoying a relaxing retirement in Playa del Carmen. His great joys are his 3 wonderful grandchildren back in Ohio, and enjoying his travels and exploration of life in Mexico.  His most difficult challenges in life at this point are trying to master the Spanish language and continuing to perfect his margarita recipe.

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