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Celebrity visits to Cancun have been on the rise, like Shakira's concert on June 15, 2011.   If you love Shakira and Cancun, this is great news.   If not, you might wonder what the big deal is.   Famous pop singers are always showing up in tourism hotspots, like Cher or Celine Dion in Las Vegas.   In the case of Cancun, however, there are bigger implications - implications which are good news for Cancun real estate.


Many famous Mexico real estate locations which have thriving tourist industries have drawn famous singers and other celebrities, like Elton John's concert in Chichen Itza near Merida.   Besides the fact that this concert is being given in a special setting, it is part of an ever-growing amount of international attention on Cancun.


This international attention includes a variety of items; in addition to high-profile celebrities, there have been international forums and conventions, such as 2010's climate change summit as well as a growing role of Cancun's airport as an international travel hub.


For those who buy real estate in Cancun this is good news.   All of this means more tourist visits, more cash and more large-scale investment.   More large-scale investment means more services to add to the excellent choice of marinas, golf courses, shopping malls, tours and activities already available.


This fact is also true of the Playa del Carmen real estate area just 45 minutes down the road.   Playa del Carmen has also been host to a more international events, such as the summit of Latin American leaders in 2010, and has been enjoying good results for real estate buyers.


These celebrity visits also attest to the very simple but very attractive combination of some of the world's finest beaches with these modern conveniences.


In this light, Shakira's concert is more than just another pop concert in a tourist area; it is part of a growing internationally active and important tourist region that will continue to see more events like this one take place.


As for the concert itself, the location is Palace Resorts' Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, and the unique feature is that tickets will be offered with an all-inclusive resort package - still more evidence that Cancun and the surrounding area are adapting their tourism to continue to offer something new and remain ahead of the tourism game.


And, of course, we can't forget that for many of us, the simple pleasure of having events like this Shakira concert in this beachfront paradise is a big bonus in itself!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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