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When considering buying Mexico beachfront for sale, two factors stand out as essential; one is the cleanliness of the beach, the other is the accessibility.   Playa del Carmen real estate excels in both, as reflected in the city's recent push to keep unauthorized vending and business of the beach.  


The most recent example of this is a structure which was torn down in early June 2011, which gave a bad visual image to the beachfront area, as well as blocking a public beachfront access point.   This is, however, just one part of an ongoing program to keep street vendors, temporary or unsightly structures off the beach, and all construction off the sandy area directly next to the water.   There is a special protected zone to ensure that the wide beaches remain wide, useable and pleasant for all visitors and residents.  

These kinds of efforts have made Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale one of the most attractive real estate options in Mexico and Latin America.   Visitors often name Playa del Carmen's beaches as the most beautiful they've seen and the most pleasant to walk in or relax on.   The beaches make buying real estate overlooking the white sand and turquoise Caribbean Sea a true paradise.


In addition to these efforts, a beach widening program was completed in early 2011, which restored the beaches to more than their full width, again helping to keep them attractive and enjoyable.


The issue of beachfront access is also important; unlike many beachfront locations, Playa del Carmen has developed in such a way to have beachfront access at regular intervals for the convenience of residents.   This increases the attractiveness of condos and homes several blocks back.   Short, pleasant walks to the beach are an even more affordable and convenient alternative to direct beachfront property.


This fact has been reflected in the growing number of quality properties appearing exactly in this kind of location - three to five blocks back from the beach.   The downtown area has developed with a small-town, European-like atmosphere with low-rise buildings, where real estate buyers can enjoy nice properties and a walk-everywhere lifestyle at a very affordable price.


In the outlying new development areas, new gated communities with beautiful condos, plenty of green areas, bike trails and similar conveniences can be found offering excellent prices.   They are likewise a comfortable walk from the beach.


Playa del Carmen's beachfront programs are an enormous plus to the real estate market - and one that all real estate buyers can enjoy!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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