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When considering Playa del Carmen real estate on golf courses, there are a variety of options available in land and homes, appealing to many lifestyles, needs and budgets.   The points they all have in common are warm weather, golf and beaches.   The following are a few options which find broad appeal.


Lots - Playa del Carmen land for sale on golf course developments has been a favorite for some time now.   While there aren't very many developments offering land, the ones that are offer good prices for larger lots where buyers can build beautiful custom designed homes, living in a luxury single lot family home for a lower price than homes of this sort would cost completed.   Many buyers see this as an investment as well.


  Single-family homes - Complete, ready to use Playa del Carmen homes for sale on golf courses are, in many ways, the best of luxury when it comes to homes.   The beachfront itself is defined mostly by condos, and the few homes that exist on the beachfront would be fairly high-priced.   Golf course homes are not only more affordable, but they offer splendid views, bike trails, parks, walking distance to the beach, and, of course, a game of golf at your back door.   While the homes are more than buying a lot and building yourself, they are still much less expensive than most people would imagine.   They are also often sold furnished, making it really easy to begin immediate use.

Villas - For those who like the idea of a single, separate home, but prefer the ease of maintenance and large common areas of a condominium complex, villas on the golf course offer the “best of both worlds.”   The homes are spacious, separate and private, but are on a shared common green area offering more space, often with amenities like a pool, but maintenance of these areas is taken care of.   Otherwise, the benefits are very similar to those of the single homes.


Patio-homes - This option is a nice balance for those who would like to enjoy the luxury of life on a golf course, with many of the same comforts of a villa, but at a lower price.   Patio homes have shared walls, and are usually slightly smaller homes, but are excellent for vacationing couples, small families or retirees.   The point is that buyers can enjoy life next to a professional golf course in Playa del Carmen for a variety budgets.


Whichever choice is best for your lifestyle, you will most certainly enjoy an all-year, warm-weather golf lifestyle in Playa del Carmen!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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Region: Mexico golf course real estate. Authors Trish Youngstrum & Bob Hyde bring over 50 years’ combined sales experience in the United States, most recently in South Florida. Trish is one of the few Realtors in the US and Mexico to hold the professional designation of Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) and is a Certified Transnational Property Specialist working with agents and buyers of resort properties from North and South America as well as Europe. Trish and Bob moved to beautiful Playa del Carmen in 2009 where they now work with TOP Mexico Real Estate. For more information call (512)-879-6546.

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