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When considering buying Mexico real estate, an attractive option is Ixtapa real estate on the country’s Pacific Coast.  The area provides many benefits for those considering buying Mexico condos for sale with beautiful views and a very relaxing lifestyle.  The following are some of the strong points of Ixtapa.

Ixtapa is a Planned Resort Community.  Following the success of Cancun, in 1972, Mexico’s ministry of tourism decided to build its second community of this sort, offering high-quality resorts, well-planned roads, modern services and excellent condominium choices for expat buyers.  For both tourists and for real estate buyers, Ixtapa offers a comfortable, convenient and contemporary lifestyle.

It offers the traditional side of Mexico.  Ixtapa provides the unique situation of being a Planned Resort Community, while situation right next door to Zihuatanejo, a traditional town which has been in the area for centuries, blending rich traditions, long-standing history and a distinct local culture, with festivals and events to be enjoyed.  For this reason, Ixtapa is a nice balance for those who prefer living in modern comfort, but are also intrigued by being to interact with Mexico’s rich traditions and history.

Views – Being located on the Pacific Ocean, Ixtapa enjoys some of the most awe-inspiring sunsets that most visitors have ever seen.  Combined with the area’s sub-tropical jungle, this makes Ixtapa an ideal choice for those who imagine living in one of the closest places we’ll find to paradise on earth!

Beaches – Besides being an integral part of the views and landscape, the long, wide beaches, covered with soft sand, are very enjoyable.  Because of the layout of the area, there are beaches more exposed to the open sea where surfers enjoy good waves, and other areas where the waves are very calm and swimming is made very convenient by a shallow slope of the soft sand into the water.

Close to Home - Like much of the Pacific Coast, Ixtapa is a short flight to most parts of the U.S. and Canada – anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.  The international airport makes access convenient, and flights are available for good prices.

For anyone still unsure whether a condo in Ixtapa is the right choice for them, they should plan a little visit, rent a condo and enjoy this little corner of paradise for themselves; after a day, there’ll be little doubt left!

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