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When selecting from the many fine options within Mexico real estate, why should you choose a Mexico home for sale in Puerto Vallarta?  The following are a few of the distinguishing factors that may make a home in Puerto Vallarta the ideal choice for you.

Views – Because of the geographical layout of the area, many Playa del Carmen real estate locations have spectacular views of the Bay and the Seirra Madre mountains.   Those who buy a home can enjoy these wonderful views from their windows, patios, decks, pools and yards.  The beachfront – one of the best to be found – is never far away, and most buyers choose their home for the view.

Modern Conveniences – While retaining its old charm and its natural beauty, Puerto Vallarta has grown into a modern city, with many services for residents, including golf courses, shopping malls, large-screen movies, state-of-the-art hospitals, international restaurants, American stores and much more.  In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll have little doubt that you’re enjoying the best of what Mexico has to offer in terms of its own rich culture, but you’ll also never be left missing any of the modern conveniences you’re used to.

Private Space – Condos in Puerto Vallarta are an excellent option, and appeal to many buyers; yet, for buyers who prefer larger amounts of personal space in items such as yards, patios and pools, there’s nothing like a home.  Condos tend to offer larger common spaces, but these are, as the name implies, shared.  In a home, you can also enjoy year-round gardening.  This point is a matter of personal preference.

Travel Time Home – Puerto Vallarta’s international airport offers direct, fast and affordable access to all major locations in the U.S. and Canada.  Direct flights from discount airlines are a growing option.  Flights generally take between 2 and 5 hours.  This makes trips back home easier.  This also makes it easier to invite visitors from back home, and increases the likelihood that they’ll come; many people find that once they live in Puerto Vallarta, suddenly they have more friends and family than they remembered!

Value – Homes near the beach or with splendid views are available for prices that wouldn’t be imaginable in any beachfront location in the U.S., especially not one with year-round warm weather.  Besides the savings, there’s something priceless about the experiences you’ll have in your personal Puerto Vallarta home.

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