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While what you get for your money in Playa del Carmen is still excellent compared to just about anywhere else, in the post-boom market, as the area continues to grow in size and popularity, those on a lower budget may wonder if they can still get nice Playa del Carmen condos for low prices.

The answer: YES!

First of all, let’s consider what a “low price” is, since this is a fairly subjective idea.  We’ve all been in situations where we are told about the super, low price of a property - unbeatable, affordable for everyone, with lines thrown in like, “You’d be a fool not to go for it!”  In the end, we discover this super low price is only $600,000 USD.  “Great,” we’re left thinking, “I’ll just go over to the ATM and take that out in cash.”

In the case of Playa del Carmen condos, however, we’re talking about something that really is affordable for the vast majority of North Americans.  Prices around $140,000 USD and even lower can be found.   New condo complexes make these prices even lower with pre-construction discounts.  With developer payment plans and mortgages available from Mexican banks, buying a property at this price is comfortably within reach of even those of us on a more limited budget.

As for the other side of the issue, these condos are nice.  Of course, they won’t be penthouses directly overlooking the sand of the beach, but they could very well be penthouses a comfortable walking distance away.  The following are some of the features you could look for at this price:

  • Walking Distance to the Beach – A 10 to 15 minute walk in Playa del Carmen can be very relaxing and pleasant, through beautiful green areas, other nice communities, past shops and restaurants and picturesque hotels.
  • Penthouse or Garden Apartment – You could very well be lucky enough to get a garden apartment or even a penthouse for this price.  You may need to wait for the right deal, but if you are content with a standard 2nd or 3rd floor apartment, you might even find a unit for noticeably less.
  • Pool, Lounge Area & Gym Area – These features make day to day life convenient, allowing you to enjoy these comforts at your front door.
  • Gated Community – Living in a gated community adds a sense of comfort, and reduces traffic.  Secure complexes can be found in the downtown area as well.
  • Bike Trails and Park Areas – Gated communities often include bike trails and plenty of green areas.  They are ideal for walking around and enjoying the year-round warm weather.  In the downtown area, on the other hand, those who buy low-priced condos can enjoy pleasant walks in quaint communities with a European flavor.
  • Near Stores and Amenities – Depending on your personal taste in lifestyle, nice condos in newly developing gated communities are a short drive away from services like Walmart and shopping malls.  These same areas have services planned for the future that will be within walking distance.  Downtown, services are a walk away.

The most important step for buyers to take is to make plans to visit the area and see low-priced condos for themselves.  An experienced agent will be able to present a number of excellent, low-priced Playa del Carmen condos.  You will most certainly find one that is idea for your needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Doug Morgan was born in Dayton, Ohio and got his education in the Buckeye State. He has enjoyed success in the life insurance business and investment business, and is now enjoying a relaxing retirement in Playa del Carmen. His great joys are his 3 wonderful grandchildren back in Ohio, and enjoying his travels and exploration of life in Mexico.  His most difficult challenges in life at this point are trying to master the Spanish language and continuing to perfect his margarita recipe.

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