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In terms of U.S. healthcare, an option which is growing in its attractiveness and feasibility is using the Mexican healthcare system.  It is very significant (in a positive way) for retirees buying Mexico real estate to consider what is happening in this trend and why.

First of all, let’s briefly consider the situation in Arizona.  Over the past half-decade or so, a growing number of doctors in this state have begun sending uninsured and under-insured patients in need of surgery or any other major process to Mexico.  Why is this?

“In Mexico,” noted one doctor, “internationally-accredited hospitals can perform transplants for a fraction of what U.S. hospitals would charge.”

In the U.S. system where prices are rising and public funding is becoming scarcer and scarcer, this remains the only feasible solution.  Doctors are creating businesses to refer U.S. patients to high-quality, modern and experienced medical facilities in Mexico – and they’re making money doing it; U.S. patients can still save over 75% of their costs even when they’re paying this referral service and transportation costs!  Arizona is not alone; Mexico is becoming an important part of healthcare throughout the U.S. and looks like it will continue to do so on a larger scale.

Now back to real estate.  Many retirees from the U.S. look south of the border for their retirement property for two main reasons; one is warm weather, the other is the cost.  Just about everything is cheaper in Mexico, and noticeably so.  While cutting costs on healthcare is probably the last place they can afford to do so, living in Mexico allows them to save between 50 and 75% of healthcare costs, dedicating these funds to a healthy, comfortable and relaxing lifestyle.

Let’s consider 2 examples.  Puerto Vallarta real estate has long been known as a favorite for U.S. retirees.  In addition to offering buyers beautiful beaches, splendid views and warm weather, Puerto Vallarta has fine, international-quality hospitals and healthcare services.

Another example; Yucatan real estate offers buyers the choice of beautiful colonial homes in the city of Merida, large Haciendas in the countryside, or beachfront homes and condos.  Merida has recently been implementing a program to open healthcare facilities specialized for the needs of retirees.  The state government has been doing its homework and knows that this is one of the main features which will attract American retirees to choose this are as their new home.

Mexican healthcare service is becoming a major element in the U.S. system. On the other hand, it’s also becoming one of the major factors for retirees simply to drop the U.S. system and start living comfortably in a place where healthcare works better and is much more affordable.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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