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Within the Mexico real estate market, Cancun stands out as one of the most attractive choices.  Since the city’s creation just over 40 years ago, Cancun real estate has benefitted from an ongoing improvement not only in services, activities and entertainment, but in urban infrastructure.  While these changes and improvements rarely gain a large amount of notice in day to day life, they make life comfortable and convenient.

The following are a few examples of urban infrastructure improvements that have continued to make Cancun a better place to live.

  • Wide Access Roads – Cancun has been compared to an American suburb.  The modern shopping malls and high-rise Mexico condos for sale are probably not the least of the reasons for the comparison.  The biggest differences are the year-round warm weather, the beaches and the cost of living. One striking similarity is the wide, well-planned access roads.  Traffic in Cancun flows well, and it is easy and fast to get where you’re going.  This aspect continues to be developed; the urban plan has left ample spaces for road extension and widening.  Parking is available everywhere.  While narrow little city streets may be romantic, this kind of system makes driving and getting around a whole lot easier and faster.


  • Street Lighting – This goes hand in hand with good traffic flow and planning.  In addition to helping car drivers, this is also a big plus for pedestrians.  Cancun’s downtown area allows for a walk-everywhere lifestyle.  The thorough city lighting makes this more comfortable, more convenient and safer.  Cancun is a very safe city for pedestrians, and the lighting is one of several factors which have contributed to this.  This aspect has also seen ongoing improvement; a recent example is the work done on the Yaxchilan Avenue downtown near the main shopping areas.  The downtown area has been growing as a favorite for both homes and condos among expat buyers, and projects such as this one make the streets more pictures, improving both lifestyle and property value.


  • International Airport – This has been one of the most significant factors contributing to the ease of life in Cancun.  The airport is the second busiest in Mexico and offers frequent and low-priced flights to most parts of the U.S. or Canada.  In 2010, this airport was expanded with a second runway and Latin America’s tallest watch tower.  It is now positioning itself as an international hub, which means even more and cheaper flight options.


As Cancun continues to be the focal point of America’s favorite tourist region improvements in urban infrastructure can be expected to continue, and along with them the quality of life for real estate buyers.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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