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While Playa del Carmen real estate in Latin America and Cancun real estate both tend to be dominated by condos (although of somewhat different styles) both markets also include excellent options for home buyers.   The following is a comparison of the options in the two cities.


Playa del Carmen homes for sale are defined by about 4 main options.   The first is homes in gated communities.   Some of these are located directly on the beachfront, but the majority are within a reasonable walking distance.   These gated communities tend to have items such as bike trails, tree-lined roads, and plenty of green areas.   Owning a single-lot home in these areas offers buyers relaxation and a quiet and pleasant lifestyle with close contact to the area's beautiful nature.


A variety of this kind of home is the golf course homes.   Beautiful homes can be found overlooking the fairways of professionally designed golf courses.   Many can also be found that offer walking distance, and some that are likewise a comfortable walk to the beach or to downtown.

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While downtown homes are available, they are becoming less frequent with the growth of new condo developments in the original residential areas.   The forth option is actually growing in appeal; it is fixer-upper homes in formerly low-income areas near the beach. Some well-built homes that are being sold at very accessible prices are simply in need of an owner with a clear vision and who likes the challenge of renovation projects.


Cancun homes are defined by two main options. Like in Playa del Carmen, more buyers are beginning to take interest in fixer-uppers in the downtown area.   In fact, since Cancun is larger and older than Playa del Carmen, there are more fixer-uppers available on the market.   Ready-to-use downtown homes can also be found at very reasonable prices.


While homes directly on the beachfront in Cancun tend to be quite pricy (although still well-priced compared to such homes in the U.S.,) villas in the hotel district of the city, across the boulevard from the beach, can be found for good prices.


Buyers considering Cancun or Playa del Carmen should consider the option of buying a home.   An experienced agent will be able to help each buyer determine if a home is good alternative for them, or if they will do better with the more popular condo purchase.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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