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In June 2011, Mexico’s Supreme Court made an announcement that construction would not be permitted in Tulum’s National Park, cancelling all projects planned for that area.  A week later, Jose Carlos Guzman of Aldea Zama – one of Tulum’s leading land developments – was far from concerned about the decision; on the contrary, he was confident that this was a very good thing for the development and buyers not only of Aldea Zama but also of Tulum real estate in general.

So, why is this a good thing? Shouldn’t the cancellation of development get buyers and investors worried?  Consider the following reasons as outlined by Mr. Guzman.  This decision will:

  • Add exclusivity –Aldea Zama specifically is located directly next to the Tulum National Park.  This means that on one side of the development there will be a protected National Park, adding a natural beauty and attractiveness.  On the other sides of Aldea Zama are the future site of an upscale resort development, which will include a Jack Nicklaus golf course and academy and a promenade shopping and dining area, and downtown Tulum.  Currently, the road offering access to Aldea Zama and this resort is the only road offer access from downtown to the beachfront.  The decision to protect the park offers Aldea Zama a very privileged location.
  • Protect nature – The fact that the park is protected means that pure nature in its original form will be protected.  This includes unique trees, birds, fish and other wildlife will have a large area of their original habitat.  Besides consideration of the “greater cause” of environmental protection, there also contributes to the lifestyle of the area, allowing real estate buyers to have contact with one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems.


  • Increase values – The factors of exclusivity and environmental protection combined will help to increase the values of lots in Aldea Zama, as well as condos and homes in adjoining areas.  This is especially true for Aldea Zama since the protection of the park gives Aldea Zama a unique position close both to the beach and to the parklands – a position which will be enjoyed by only a few developments.  Chances are that any subsequent developments in this kind of location will already have higher prices reflecting the attractiveness created by the ruling on the National Park.
  • Protect the beachfront – A related issue is the protection of the beachfront.   Much of Tulum’s beachfront falls into the area protected by the park area.  This does not mean that no construction will appear along the beachfront, but those that do appear will have gain both municipal and federal approval, ensuring that visual appeal and clean, attractive design will have to be upheld.  Since the beach is one of the most attractive features of the Tulum area, this protection is important.


  • Set a precedent – The ruling from the Supreme Court will also set a precedent for maintaining fully protected natural areas.  This means that development that is created in Tulum and surrounding areas will continue to enjoy the presence of the area’s rich natural setting.  Tourism has also been largely attracted by the area’s natural beauty, and protecting nature will help guarantee that tourism investment will continue to flow in.  Tourism investment is the driving force behind shaping the lifestyle and conveniences which real estate buyers enjoy in Tulum.


In short, the ruling by Mexico’s Supreme Court upholds the protection of nature in Tulum which is a benefit both to Aldea Zama and to real estate development in general.  Buyers can look forward to ongoing natural protection.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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