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When we consider Puerto Vallarta real estate, one of the first property types which come to mind is that of the Mexico condo for sale.  There is good reason for this; Mexico real estate in Puerto Vallarta offers high quality condos in a variety of locations and styles.



To start, let’s take a look at what “quality” means when we’re talking about Puerto Vallarta condos.  This property type offers “quality” in the following ways:

  • Quality Construction – Reputable construction companies have established themselves in Puerto Vallarta to meet the needs of a well-established and still growing international community.  Condo complexes are built with care, solidly, exactly and pleasing to the eye.
  • Beautiful Views – Puerto Vallarta is famous for its views of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, the Bay of Banderas and the surrounding mountains.  People touch up photos to imitate this kind of view, but there’s nothing like the real thing.
  • Good Design and Layout – The units themselves are professionally designed to offer optimal use of space while also making the units visually pleasant and relaxing.
  • Convenient Locations – Many complexes in Puerto Vallarta are walking distance to tourist districts, malls, large international stores, golf courses, downtown or a combination of these.  The layout of the city and the convenience of the locations is most certainly a part of the “quality.”


In terms of variety, Puerto Vallarta offers the following variety in condominium styles and locations:

  • Beachfront – The beachfront is the favorite location, with the sand and the ocean at the front door.  Condos on the beachfront also tend to offer an excellent level of luxury.
  • Hillside – The hillside excels in the category of “views” and is often less expensive than the beachfront; convenience is still excellent, and the beach is only a short drive (sometimes even walk) away.
  • Modern – Many condo complexes offer a very clean, contemporary design with lots of glass and a modern elegance.  This type of condo is appealing to those who wish to the old charm and splendid nature of Puerto Vallarta with modern comfort.
  • “Traditional” Mexican – These are units which lean more towards a “Mexican” look with arches and patterned tiles.  “Traditional” is in quotation marks since, although the visual approach is traditional, the complexes offer all modern conveniences.

When a buyer considers “Puerto Vallarta condos” they are really considering a variety of properties and lifestyles which this property type offers.

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