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Most people who think about Mexico real estate will usually consider Puerto Vallarta real estate as an option; it is, after all, one of the most loved expat communities in Mexico and beyond.  But why did Puerto Vallarta become so popular?  Consider the following reasons:

Beaches – Everyone loves a beautiful beach; even better than having vacations in a beachfront town is actually living and owning real estate in a beachfront town.  More and more Americans – especially retirees – tired of the hectic life back home have packed up and headed for the relaxing beachfront lifestyle of Puerto Vallarta.

Bay and Mountain Views – These are spectacular.  There’s nothing like owning a home near the beach, where you can also open up large windows and patio doors (often integrating your home and poolside lounge) to the view of the rugged mountains which surround the Bay of Banderas.  For many buyers, the views are as just as important as the beach.

Hollywood – We have to be honest; a large part of Puerto Vallarta’s appeal grew out of the  “romanticization” from Hollywood during the 60’s.  A number of famous movies were shot in the area (“Night of the Iguana”, “Cleopatra” etc.) and, of course, who can forget the romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton which first started out in Puerto Vallarta’s original expat community.


Romance – Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor may have been the most famous romance in Puerto Vallarta, but by no means the first, and definitely not the last.  Many young couples walk the streets of the old town, and many retirees find a renewed romance that they haven’t found in years.

Warm Weather – The average year-round temperature is 72 degrees.  It never gets much hotter and definitely not much colder.  Those who are tired of aches and pains of the cold and only being able to enjoy their patio and pool for one month of the year will appreciate being able to live outdoors 12 months a year!

Easy Access – Flights to Puerto Vallarta are frequent and well-priced.  Some people even drive.


Low Prices – With this combination, few people would suspect that the cost of living is still low.  Not only is the cost of living low, but real estate is also very reasonably priced.


This combination of factors is very unique, and has worked together to make Puerto Vallarta one of the most famous expat destinations that exist.  Perhaps the most important point is, though, that the only way really to appreciate why it’s so popular is to live here!

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