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When it comes to Mexico real estate, there are certainly enough people who know about the option of Ixtapa real estate – at least, they feel that they’re enough.  They prefer to keep it as their little secret, a hidden gem.  Well, right now we’re going to give the secret away; what’s so attractive about owning and living in Ixtapa?  The following are just a few reasons.

  • Beaches – Ixtapa has beautiful beaches.   They are wide and soft, and stretch on for miles.  Because of the geographical layout, there are some with large waves ideal for surfing or simply walking and listening to the splashing on the beach.  There are others that are very calm and are considered some of the best places to swim in Mexico.   For many, simply going for a relaxing walk in the sand is enough!


  • Sunsets – The sunsets over the Pacific Ocean in Mexico are incredible.  The evening walks mentioned above are transformed from simply relaxing to magical when the sky and the ocean light up with color that makes it look like it’s on fire.  Many of the real estate options in Ixtapa also offer sunset and ocean views.


  • Modern, Planned Community – Most people know that Cancun was created specifically for tourists, but few people know that Ixtapa was Mexico’s second such project.  Real estate is contemporary, services are modern and life is comfortable. Wide access roads and the best of newest infrastructure makes life convenient.


  • New Combined with Old – Something that very few beachfront locations offer is the combination with historic Mexico.  Ixtapa is right next to the classic Mexican town of Zihuatanejo.  While some expats choose to buy real estate there, most prefer the modern comfort of Ixtapa, with the luxury of making little excursions out to the old town, which is less than 10 minutes away; they are both located directly on the beachfront.


  • Warm Weather & Nature – One of the biggest lures of Mexico’s Pacific Coast is the combination of year-round warm weather (with an average just around 75 degrees) and the wonderful, lush-green subtropical jungle.  This nature can be enjoyed in many ways.


  • Low Cost of Living – Even for Mexico, Ixtapa is still really inexpensive.  Real estate costs are low, as is the cost of living.  Many people who have made Ixtapa their home now wonder how they could afford not to live there.


It’s easy to see why those who live in Ixtapa are content to keep it as their little secret; but there’s no reason why the rest of us have to let them!

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