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When buying Mexico real estate for the first time, it’s often difficult to tell if the property type and area we are choosing is really worth buying or not.  While this points to the importance of choosing the right agent to work with, it also points to the importance of gaining information, tips and insights from experts ahead of making a real estate choice.  One of the most interesting real estate types is Mexico land for sale.  Here we will give some tips for the Puerto Vallarta real estate area and land.

To start off, Puerto Vallarta land continues to be an attractive and viable purchase and investment.  When you consider your choice of a lot in Puerto Vallarta, consider the following points:

Views – One of the most attractive and central features of the market in Puerto Vallarta is that of views.  Buyers pay more for views of the bay, views of the mountains and views of the old town.  For this reason, when you buy a piece of land, it’s important to consider what view is offered by the finished product (i.e. the home you have built along with other features such as patios and terraces.)

Nearby Amenities – Like any property, you will want to check what amenities are nearby.  Many buyers interested in Puerto Vallarta buy looking for a “walk-everywhere” lifestyle.  When you invest in a lot in Puerto Vallarta, you should also take this into consideration, besides the fact that it would help you enjoy your Puerto Vallarta lifestyle.

Surrounding Neighborhood – This does not mean you need to buy in the nicest neighbourhood in town; in fact, in terms of investment, it’s often attractive to consider the places which are not getting the most attention from the mainstream of buyers. There are many gentrifying neighborhoods where you can consider buying a lot, which currently offer a high level of potential for rising values.

Base Price vs. Other Options – This ties into the last point about choosing your lot.  When we have decided to buy a certain real estate type, like land, we can get hung up on comparing prices between various lots.  Since you are thinking about your lot as an investment; for this reason you must consider the price you pay for your lot with the cost of building a home and fully preparing the property in comparison to a similar property in the same area.  It is important to consider the neighborhood you are buying in, rather than comparing the price of your lot to a condo on the other side of the city.

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