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When considering Mexico real estate on the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a wide range of options available.  For those who prefer small towns on the beachfront, a marked difference can be seen between two options like Tulum real estate and Yucatan real estate in the town of Progreso.  Here we will explore these differences to help demonstrate the variety available.

To briefly mention similarities, both are on the beach, both enjoy nice warm weather, both are easy to get to (a short drive from an international airport,) both are small towns, and both have a low cost of living.

Within this context, the following elements will show the how the two communities are distinct:

  • Age of community - Tulum is a new town.  It came into existence after the creation of Cancun (a bit over 40 years ago) when tourists made their way over to visit the town’s unique pyramid site where the main pyramid overlooks the sea from a small cliff.  Despite this newness, the town is quaint and picturesque with handicraft shops and local restaurants.  Progreso, on the other hand, is somewhat older, having been founded as the main port for the nearby metropolitan of Merida over a century ago.  This can be seen in the style of the buildings and the old homes as well, which are quaint in quite a different way.


  • Tourism style – Tulum’s tourism has been, up until recently, “overflow” from Cancun, almost entirely international tourists looking for a combination of luxury and nature, both of which Tulum offers.  Progreso’s tourism is largely defined by Merida’s middle and upper class families, who have vacation homes in the area.  This is coupled with a handful of Americans and Europeans who visit Merida and are interested in getting to know this city’s unique beachfront.


  • Lifestyle – Both towns are favorites for American and Canadian retirees.  Retirees and other expats in Tulum are often those who enjoy close contact with nature, while still enjoying modern, comfortable lifestyle.  Many of these also have a preference for real estate with sustainable integrated into it.  In Progreso, the expats are almost more of a “local” group that has been around for a while, warmly welcoming newcomers who are always fewer than the established expats.   The lifestyle is distinctly small-town-like where everyone is a neighbor and everyone knows your name.  Many buy classic old homes to restore.


Of course, the Yucatan Peninsula offers numerous other small beachfront communities; these two are simply good examples to show the varying styles in areas.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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