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Mexico real estate offers a variety of community styles and lifestyles.  Some of this variety can often be demonstrated in comparing two “opposites” in the market.  One such set of “opposites” can be seen in comparing an “old town” – Yucatan real estate in Merida – and a “new town – Tulum real estate.

Both offer the warm weather of the Yucatan Peninsula, close access to unique natural features such as the “cenotes” (cool, natural pools often ideal for swimming,) some of the most interesting pyramids of the Mayan world, and a low cost of living.   Yet, the lifestyle and atmosphere of the two places is very different.

The Old Colonial City – Merida

Merida is an old city.  It was founded by the Spaniards shortly after the conquest of Mexico almost 500 years ago.  The colonial city grew quickly a center for commerce, arts and high society.  It is the second largest colonial city center in Mexico.  Those who live here, enjoy walking through narrow streets past splendid churches, lush city squares with pathways and parks and classic Mexican buildings.  Within this framework, culture abounds.  There are street musicians, art galleries, concerts, cultural festivals and much more.  Residents can also enjoy restaurants of all styles and price range and sidewalk cafes.

The city is also a modern metropolitan with new malls, large-screen movies, professional golf courses and international stores.

Real estate in the area can include modern choices such as condo units and tropical-style villas, but the all-time favorite here is the colonial home.  Some buy fixer-uppers, others buy homes fully restored with modern utilities fully installed.  In all cases, expats enjoy a lifestyle that’s like stepping into the past, without losing the convenience of the present.

The New Town – Tulum

Only a few hours away by car is the town of Tulum.  Tulum sprung up as tourism overflowed from Cancun (which was founded just over 40 years ago) to visit the town’s beautiful pyramids overlooking the beach; the current town is very new.  Lifestyle in Tulum is defined by 2 main factors; the beach, nature & environment.

The beachfront in Tulum has been gaining more international attention recently, and has been repeatedly listed as one of the top 10 in the world.  Those who live in the town can easily walk or ride a bike down to the beach. While cars are certainly a possibility the culture of the town leans towards the first two options.

The town’s culture focuses heavily on nature and sustainability.  Real estate reflects this fact by combining comfortable, modern living with sustainable features that do not disrupt day to day life.

These two examples – Merida and Tulum – demonstrate a clear difference of options in this larger region.  Many more are to be found.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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