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For buyers considering Tulum real estate, one of the most exciting options available is the unique development of Aldea Zama.  However, Aldea Zama is primarily a land development, and land purchases are not for all buyers.  For this reason, we advise buyers to keep an eye open for condos appearing in Aldea Zama.  The following are points to keep in mind about Aldea Zama’s condos.

  • Aldea Zama is selling condo development lots – In fact, Aldea Zama itself sells only land, it will not be selling condos directly.  However, one of the lot types it is selling is condo development lots.  Some developers have already bought up some of these, and complexes are beginning to appear in the preconstruction market.  Buyers can track these through the same agencies that list Aldea Zama’s lots.
  • The condos enjoy all of the same benefits as the lots – Part of the attraction of buying a lot in Aldea Zama is that they enjoy the luxury and comforts of a modern, well-planned master-development.  Condos enjoy the same luxuries and comforts.  These include wide access roads, complete & modern underground infrastructure, the best of communications connections and rustic-contemporary village center area, which will include shops, cafes and trendy stores.  The development is also a walk away from the beach and from the Tulum town center, where there are more stores and restaurants.  Between Aldea Zama and the beach there will be an upscale resort complex with a professional golf course, a pedestrian shopping area and canals with water taxis.
  • As more lots sell and houses appear, prices of condos will rise – The condos that are currently appearing in the pre-construction phase in Aldea Zama are priced very competitively, both in relative terms (i.e. for “what you’re getting”) and in absolute terms (ie. they’re simply well priced, whichever way you look at it.)  As more lots are sold and homes are build, also as more condo complexes appear, prices will rise.
  • Good reason to buy now – This indicates to buyers that now or in the near future would be a good time to buy a condo in Aldea Zama, before prices catch up to the lifestyle they offer!
  • Investment potential – This also points to investment potential; as prices for new real estate in the development rise, so will the value of the existing condos.  Tulum as a whole promises good potential for value increase.


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