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I was talking to a friend the other day and I mentioned how many people were buying Playa del Carmen condos these days. “That’s great,” he answered, “for the people that have that kind of money.”

Since when, I wondered, is a Playa del Carmen condo a luxury just for the rich?  Playa del Carmen has  history of being the affordable place for a nice beachfront lifestyle, and continues to be this to this day.

So where does this impression come from, then?  To start off, prices have gone up on the central beachfront, in the downtown core and in the most established gated communities.  The lure of living in Playa del Carmen has created healthy demand for these locations.

However, true to its roots and origins as the inexpensive place to enjoy a condo lifestyle near the beach, Playa del Carmen continues to offer nice condos at prices the average American can afford.  Let’s say you’re looking for a condo under $150,000 USD.  Consider what you can get for this price:

Spacious Design – For this price, you could afford a large, open-concept design condo with 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, plenty of terrace space, large windows and, in general, a design that suits the relaxation and comfort you are looking for in Playa del Carmen.

Nicely finished Unit –You can expect it to be finished nicely with high-quality tiles, kitchen bars, cabinets, etc.  You may also receive items like air conditioning; it’s sometimes possible to negotiate other little luxuries.

Pool, Lounge, Exercise Area – For this price you can also expect a nice complex with some of the amenities for comfort right at home.  There’s nothing like being to relax at the poolside and sip a martini on a warm day – right at home (not to mention, in the winter!) Of course, the beach is a walk away (see below) but sometimes it’s nice just relax at your poolside at home.

Well-Constructed Complex – High-quality construction can be found for accessibly priced condos.  Your agent will be able to comment on reputation of developers.  There won’t be any “settling” for anything less.

Gated Community – While the gated communities that have been around for a decade or two are a little pricier these days, the new gated communities still offer very low prices.  These new gated communities are in a very similar position to the older, more established ones; the biggest difference is that the older ones have been around for a few years, word has spread about them, and demand has risen.  The new ones are just beginning to spread the word; it is very likely that in the near future, prices will also go up!

Green Areas & Bike Trails – These gated communities are well-designed not only with manned security, but also with bike trails and plenty of green spaces or parks.  This means less traffic, higher security (Playa del Carmen is already very safe) and a quieter, more relaxing lifestyle.

Walk to the Beach – Very pleasant walks – or bike rides – to the beach are not too much to ask for this price.  Playa del Carmen’s beautiful beaches can be fully enjoyed living a few blocks back.


Financing Options – This makes the low prices even easier to consider for those of us buying on a budget.

What do you think? Are Playa del Carmen condos a luxury only for the rich?  Well, they’re definitely a luxury, but you sure don’t have to be rich to enjoy it.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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