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One of the best parts about Mexico real estate is the ongoing opportunities to find good deals, low prices and a comfortable lifestyle.  In Puerto Vallarta real estate, one of the ways buyers are discovering this kind of opportunity is through fixer-upper Mexico homes for sale.  What can you do with a fixer-upper home in Puerto Vallarta?  Consider the following list.

  • Save Money – In many neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta, single family homes are in high demand, and therefore tend to cost a little more. Fixer-upper homes can often be found for as low as 50% of the original price.  Of course, as a buyer, you will need to include the cost of the renovation project for a complete comparison. However, if you talk to others who have done this kind of project, as well as to professionals (to help calculate the cost) and choose your fixer-upper carefully, real savings are definitely to be found.


  • Gain Return on Investment – Closely related is that often buyers will resell after at the normal (higher) market value for a profit; other buyers will just want to know that they have a property that is really worth more than they have put into it.  Whichever is your case, with the proper planning and professional advice, this is entirely possible.


  • Enjoy a Personal Project – For many buyers, the prospect of a personal renovation project in itself is attractive.  You will need to plan, envision, contract, go step by step and even change.  For some people, this kind of process is intriguing and the challenge motivates them.  If you are this kind of person, you will want to consider a fixer-upper.


  • Be Creative – As implied above, the who process is creative.  When you are viewing potential homes, you will need to use creativity to envision this home in its final state.  You will need to find creative solutions to find problems that turn up, and you will need a good deal of creativity to add those final touches to make this project your home.
  • Relax and Enjoy Life – Of course, unless you are buying for purely investment purposes, the final result will be that you will have a home to enjoy, relax and live in.  This is the point where all the satisfaction of the savings and the project add up and are felt the most!

If you are interested in a fixer-upper Mexico home, talk to a qualified and experienced agent to help you find the home ideal for your project.

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