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When we consider Mexico real estate in Puerto Vallarta, the first property type to come to mind is Mexico condos for sale.  The question is, where are the good places to look for condos?  The following are some of the main locations and some basic pros and cons.



This is the classic location for a condo in the Puerto Vallarta real estate area.  A condo with a balcony overlooking the sandy beaches and the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean.  Residents can watch sunsets like they’ve never imagined from their living room, they can walk out of their condo right onto the soft, warm sand of the beach to enjoy a relaxing walk with bare feet through the splashing waves.  This kind of beachfront condo is usually within short walking distance of stores, restaurants and other amenities. This kind of condo living is the epitome of what most people consider luxury living.

Perhaps the biggest (if not only) downside is the relative pricing; compared to condos like this in the U.S. or many other parts of the world, these are very well-priced.  However, other condos in Puerto Vallarta are even more affordable.



This is usually considered in fairly similar light to beachfront.  While hillside condos don’t have the beach at their doorstep, they excel in the feature of views; not only do they offer views of the beach, the ocean and the sunsets, but their panorama includes the surrounding mountains and sometimes even the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta.  These condos can be found for excellent prices.  The biggest downside has already been mentioned, but since the beaches are never far away, most people can make the trade.

Shopping Areas

Some buyers prefer to live in a condo in one of Puerto Vallarta’s numerous shopping areas.  Puerto Vallarta offers residents large modern stores, international boutiques, shopping malls, movie theaters and much more.  It is entirely possible to live in an area that offers walking distance to a nice variety of shopping options.  This can, of course, be combined with any of the other options, or even living in or near the upscale marina community.

New Neighborhoods

Newer neighborhoods deserve separate attention because of the appeal that a few of these have gained among expat buyers.  The advantage is the uniformly upscale atmosphere they offer; the disadvantage is that they tend to be farther away from downtown.  For some buyers this is not an issue.

Each buyer will have to weigh out the pros and cons of each condo location and, perhaps most importantly, visit to help them decide which is most appealing and suitable to their needs.

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