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The area known as Mexico's Caribbean Coast stretches from Cancun in the north down to the border of Belize in the south.   This stretch offers home buyers some of the most beautiful beachfront to consider; what's more the prices are very reasonable.   The three main markets for homes in this area are Cancun real estate, topmexicorealestate - Playa del Carmen and Tulum real estate.


Starting in the north of the region - the most established market (Cancun) - and moving south to the least established market (Tulum), here we will offer a brief overview of homes in each market.


Homes in Cancun real estate

Cancun is a market known for its condos; the “quintessential” Cancun real estate is often considered high-rise condos overlooking the beautiful Caribbean beaches - and this concept is with good reason.   However, more buyers are beginning to notice the benefits of buying homes in Cancun.


One option is the complexes of villas located in the Hotel Zone itself (i.e.the beachfront district where are the main resorts and high-rise condos are located.)   These offer a very similar lifestyle with close access to the beach and to all the modern shopping and services of this area.   These are usually not directly on the beachfront, across a road.


Another option is homes in the downtown area; these are usually bought as fixer-uppers.   Well-designed and well-built homes in the downtown area have sometimes been neglected during times when the main market focus was on the beachfront, but offer an excellent lifestyle for good prices.


Playa del Carmen Homes

In Playa del Carmen, the home that dominate the market are those in gated communities, especially those in golf course communities.   Playa del Carmen has been called Latin America's “golf capital” with 9 excellent courses around the city, and a few more very nearby.   Homes in these communities offer exclusivity and a very pleasant lifestyle.


Playa del Carmen also has its own fixer-upper homes - although they are fewer than in Cancun since Cancun is older.   These are mostly found in the original low-income communities next to the beach which are just beginning to show signs of gentrification.


Tulum homes

In Tulum, there are a handful of options for homes in the town center area.   Some in the outlying areas present the unique opportunity of eco-friendly sustainable homes.   Some - for the more committed - are entirely off the grid; others combine alternative energy with municipal services for backup.   Beachfront luxury homes are also available, which are almost impossible to find in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.   

Buyers unsure of which location is ideal for them should ask their agent to give them a little tour of all three communities.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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