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When we think of the Mexican Caribbean, we tend to think of the region as one type of place; considering the proximity of the communities and the splendid beaches shared, this is no surprise.   Yet, each of the main three markets in this area - Cancun real estate, - Playa del Carmen real estate and Tulum real estate - each have distinct lifestyles.


We've already pointed out that the three locations share the beautiful Caribbean beaches; let's take a look at the features that define lifestyle in each of the locations:


Cancun real estate - modern comfort

Cancun real estate is defined by the concept of “modern comfort.”   This concept starts with the most common real estate type in Cancun - the high-rise beachfront condo.   These condos are modern in everything from their structural concept to the amenities provided and the comfort of life offered inside.


The lifestyle of Cancun follows the same concept; wide, suburban-style access roads, malls, large-screen movies, big international stores, nice restaurants, state-of-the-art hospitals and direct access to a major international airport that is very well connected are all examples of the modern lifestyle here.   The looks, feels, and lives like a comfortable modern city.


Playa del Carmen real estate - provincial, European

Playa del Carmen has some of the modern conveniences of Cancun, but is somewhat smaller; in fact, the city and real estate is defined by the feel of a small, provincial city.   Condo buildings are low-rise (all 4 stories or less) and comfortable homes are readily available.   The city is very green with trails, trees, green areas and golf courses defining the upscale communities.


The city's lifestyle also has little hint of Europe in it.   Local bakeries and markets, gelaterias, cigar shops, small sidewalk cafes, pasta and wine restaurants and beautiful pedestrian shopping areas make this city something unique, defining a lifestyle for those who enjoy comfort, but in a way that's a little different.

Tulum real estate - nature & sustainability

Tulum has come to offer yet another distinct style for real estate buyers; the lifestyle of nature and sustainability.   The nice thing about Tulum is that residents can enjoy properties that offer these features without requiring residents to be thinking about them.   Properties integrate sustainable principles and natural settings into luxury features and comfortable lifestyles.


For those more interested, there are eco-lots where buyers can have custom, off-the-grid homes built in communities where others do the same.   Tulum is an ideal balance between nature and comfort.


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