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When we plan to own a second property for retirement for the purposes of finally escaping the cold winters, the budget side of things is what usually ends up looking most daunting.   The good news is that Playa del Carmen real estate offers you the possibility of balancing expenses with rental income; this fact makes Playa del Carmen retirement one of the most attractive options available.


  First of all, let's review the benefits of retirement on Playa del Carmen's beachfront, then we will see how these same features are attractive for Playa del Carmen vacation rentals.   Some of the benefits of life on Playa del Carmen's beachfront include:

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Warm weather & beaches

This is always the big #1; forever being free from the aches and pains of the cold, the nuisance of shovelling or even just walking through snow is amazing.   Besides being in warm weather all year round, those who retire in Playa del Carmen will also enjoy living next to some of the world's most beautiful beaches.   The sand is soft, white and warm - beautiful to see and comfortable to walk on.   The water itself is a turquoise color, likewise combining a beautiful view with a nice place to take a dip.


Walk-everywhere lifestyle

Playa del Carmen offers retirees a walk-everywhere lifestyle.   This is most evident in the downtown area, where residents can walk to the pedestrian-only Fifth Avenue, peruse boutiques with jewelry, clothing, shoes and accessories, enjoy a coffee on a patio, try different varieties of tequila or cigars and enjoy high-quality food from around the world.   Downtown also offers walking distance to stores like Walmart and many other services.


The walk-everywhere lifestyle is also available in certain gated communities (like Puerto Aventuras and some condo-resorts); residents will need to head out for the larger supermarkets but will find all the basics, nice restaurants and beach clubs right where they live.


Easy cheap transportation when necessary

Whether residents are living downtown or in an upscale condo-resort, they will find that transportation is easy and cheap to come by when necessary.   For example, from downtown, a taxi will usually charge a maximum of $5 to get just about anywhere in town, like out to the malls where there are movie theaters and a bowling alley; the price is often less if it is within downtown. Some condo resorts provide transportation services to and from downtown at regular time intervals.


All modern services

We've already mentioned Walmart; there are also about 8 similar stores in town, plus stores like Office Depot.   Downtown there are a number of excellent dentists and doctor's clinics.   The city has several hospitals, including one state-of-the-art hospital; services are available at very reasonable rates.   For entertainment, in addition to the theaters and bowling alley, there are professional golf courses and full-service marinas.   Roads are new and well kept-up.   Less than an hour away is the Cancun International Airport which is very well connected.



These same features are made attractive and accessible to tourists through:


Playa del Carmen's thriving tourist industry

Playa del Carmen is a very successful tourist community and has gained a permanent and prominent place on the world map of tourism.   Properties directly on the beachfront or even a little bit back can have high potential for rentals for tourists.   The same features mentioned above are ideal for vacationing and thus gives properties appeal for this market as well.


  Condo-resort rental pools

One feature which helps considerably is that condo-resorts offer rental pool services.   These are usually paired with international promotion strategies.   If retirees are buying somewhere where this service isn't available, they should consider contracting a rental agency.


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