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Once we've decided that we want a home in the Playa del Carmen real estatearea, there are three basic options before us .   One is to buy a completed Playa del Carmen homes for sale, ready to use, another is to invest in a fixer-upper and the last is to buy Playa del Carmen land for sale to build on.   All three options have their advantages, and the preference for one or another depends on your needs and preferences as a buyer.


Complete homes

The advantage of buying a completed home - whether new or resale - is that it is ready to move in, use and enjoy.   For investors thinking of gaining income from rentals, it is often more focused to buy a completed home.   Many retirees who choose Playa del Carmen also prefer this kind of option if they wish to make use of their property immediately.


This kind of property can be found most easily in the gated communities surrounding downtown; this includes golf course communities and the marina community of Puerto Aventuras which is more like a village in itself.   A handful of homes are available directly downtown as well, but in this area condo are becoming much more common.


Fixer uppers

Although Playa del Carmen is a fairly new city, these are becoming a more common option.   The main reason for this is that a couple of low-income communities that grew up along the beachfront in the town's early years offer a number of homes that were well-built but either neglected or never finished.   With the beachfront area of downtown ever expanding, these areas now are on the verge of gentrifying, and these homes are available for very good prices, while still being very-well located.   Some fixer-uppers are also available in unordinary situations in upscale neighborhoods.


In all cases, buyers with imagination, creativity and lots of dedication can save money and enjoy good investment potential. In many cases, part of the house can be used while the rest is renovated.



The advantage of land is that buyers can start from the ground up (quite literally in this case!) and build what they want and need.   Land can be found in gated communities, sometimes along new sections of golf courses.   There are also lots in the gentrifying communities mentioned above.   While like the fixer-upper this kind of project is also for buyers with a vision, there are fewer unexpected turns in the project.


Which choice is best for you?   That depends mostly on your needs, and your personality.   Talk to an agent to see various options and to help you decide.


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