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Everyone knows that in the market of Mexico beachfront for sale, one of the most attractive areas is Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale.   But the question arises - Is the direct beachfront location really the best location to buy a Playa del Carmen condo for sale?   To help you answer this question for yourself, we will describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The Beachfront - Advantages

The location directly on the beachfront offers some distinct advantages, which is why this location is in such high demand.   These include:

  • Direct Beach Access - The beaches are one of the most attractive features of life in Playa del Carmen.   Living in a condo directly overlooking the white sand and turquoise water holds a charm like few lifestyles do.   Besides the views, it's also nice to walk directly out onto the sand from your front door.   The place that so many people wait all year to visit, you have as your front yard.
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  • Rental potential - Owning a condo directly on the beachfront is a bonus for your lifestyle, but it is also a real draw for tourists.   Many tourists - especially small groups - prefer to rent a condo over paying for a hotel; the direct beachfront location holds the highest appeal for these groups.   If you are not going to use your condo all year round, this is a real, viable and profitable opton.


Off the Beachfront - Advantages

Playa del Carmen has developed in such a way that condos a few blocks back from the beach have their own kind of appeal.   These include:

  • Pricing - While properties on the beachfront are surprisingly affordable compared any similar location, properties just a block or two back are priced noticeably less than eve these prices.   For many buyers, it is worth the trade of a short distance walking to the beach (less than 5 minutes) for these savings.


  • Easy beach access - This is especially true because of the way Playa del Carmen has been designed and the way developed has taken place; there are many beach access points for all residents.   Although properties are not directly on the beachfront, there is no difficulty in getting either in short walks or very short drives.


  • More property options - Since the development back from the beachfront is more extensive than the properties that have the privileged location of directly on the beachfront, there are simply a greater number of property options within the area that is a few blocks away .


Which is best for you?   The best way to determine it is worth your while to pay more for   the direct beachfront location is to contact an agent and view several options.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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