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Mexico homes for sale come in all shapes, sizes, color and styles.  One option which has gained considerable popularity over the past decade or two are colonial homes, and one of the ideal places for this kind of property is the old city of Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula.  The advantages of buying a Yucatan homes for sale of this sort are numerous both for lifestyle and investment.  Here we name a few of these advantages.

Lifestyle Advantages

  • Beautiful home – During colonial times, the Mexican middle class knew how to make absolutely beautiful homes.  The spaces, the colors and the overall shape of these Merida homes for sale are simply ideal for relaxing and enjoying life.  These homes were made to have items like fountains and picturesque gardens in courtyards.  Visual appeal and comfort are one and the same.
  • Charming community – This concept not only applies to the homes, but to the communities as a whole.  The old downtown area of Merida has many beautiful home along narrow, straight streets where residents can walk and enjoy the classic architecture of old churches and other such buildings, the gardens and city squares and a living, vibrant city.
  • Plenty of activities – Merida isn’t just a museum to look at, just like an expats colonial home isn’t just something nice to look at; it’s a place to live and enjoy life.  Besides the traditional Mexican street musicians and regular festivals, there are also concerts, nightly live music, museums, art galleries, international and local restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters and professional golf courses.
  • Modern services – Merida is home to an international airport that offers affordable direct flights to all major cities throughout Canada and the U.S.  It has state-of-the-art hospitals, large international stores like Walmart and much more.  Life is charming, but it is also convenient.


Investment Advantages

  • Unique property – An original colonial home is something that will not be duplicated or replicated by new development.  As this kind of home grows in appeal with North Americans; supply, however, stays the same, especially in an ideal city like Merida.
  • Low cost – Colonial homes are available for surprisingly low prices.  This is good from all points of view, especially if demand rises in the near future.
  • Renovation projects available – There are colonial homes available that have been somewhat neglected with time, but are still sound structures and hold high potential for those with a bit of imagination.  Of course, the prices are even lower.

A colonial home in Yucatan is an advantage for buyers both in terms of lifestyle and investment.  There are few places that offer this kind of home combined with the lifestyle and services found in the city of Merida.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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