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One of the most attractive features of Yucatan real estate is the variety of real estate types available; this includes the classic colonial homes of the city of Merida, the beachfront luxury of nearby towns and the ranches and haciendas of the countryside.  Here we offer a brief overview of each.

Merida Real Estate

Merida is the largest city and the capital of the state of Yucatan.  It is also home to Mexico’s second largest historic colonial city center.  Most buyers who choose Merida do so specifically for this reason - the lure of Merida’s colonial charm.  Old colonial homes can be found both as renovation projects and fully restored, having modern utilities integrated into the beautiful classic design.

From homes such as these, residents can walk to the local markets, galleries, city squares, parks, cafes and restaurants along the straight, narrow streets of the old city.

Yet the city of Merida is also a modern metropolitan.  There are state-of-the-art hospitals, a well-connected international airport, modern shopping malls, international stores (Walmart, Home Depot, etc.), large-screen movies and much more.  While living in Merida is most certainly taking a step back to a more relaxing an beautiful time, it is just as easy to take that step back into the present.

The Beachfront

A point equally important for those who buy in Merida as for those who buy on the beachfront is that the beachfront town of Progreso is only a 25 minutes away.  This means those who enjoy a colonial lifestyle in Merida can easily enjoy a trip down to the beach; it also means that those who live in Progreso have easy access to all the modern services of the city.

Progreso is a charming small town where expats all know each other and live on very friendly terms with the locals.  The town is mostly a vacation spot for those from Merida, so the fact that it’s not on the international radar means that it is quieter and more relaxed, and prices are still low.

The Country

A final favorite in the Yucatan area is Mexico land for sale in the form of a ranch.  Some buyers like the concept of buying large plots of land in the countryside surrounding Merida (prices are low, as with everything else,) and converting these into a personal ranch.  There are also some old haciendas for restoration that combine colonial charm with countryside living.

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