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When we consider Mexico beachfront for sale> on the CaribbeanCancun real estate in the north (the oldest market) and Tulum real estate in the south (the newest booming market) there is a good deal of variety in style.   Here we will briefly review the defining concept of each location's lifestyle in order to offer a glimpse of this variety.


Cancun Real Estate - Modern Comfort

Cancun real estate is defined by the idea of “modern.”   It was the first location on these beautiful beaches to be discovered by the world of international tourists and real estate buyers, and was designed and created from the ground up purely for the purpose of offering visitors and residents a way to enjoy these beaches with all the comforts and conveniences they know from back home, and probably even more!


Cancun offers high-rise condos, modern homes, wide access roads lined with palms, large shopping malls with international stores and high-quality boutiques.   There are also restaurants of all sorts.   Cancun feels like (and is) a modern city.

The Cancun Hotel Zone - A life of Convenience and Entertainment!


Playa del Carmen Real Estate - European Atmosphere

The next big real estate boom after Cancun was Playa del Carmen.   Playa del Carmen began by offering the same beautiful beaches, but with a distinct lifestyle atmosphere.   Before the boom, the town was small, with narrow streets and easily walk-able city blocks; almost all the town roads led to the beach.   During the boom, a large number of Italian investors and expats arrived, adding a European atmosphere to this already provincial city layout.   The fact that no building is over 4 stories has really contributed to this aspect visually.


Those who live in Playa del Carmen often enjoy a walk-everywhere lifestyle, that includes relaxing on sidewalk cafes and restaurant patios, watching people walk around and enjoying the warm weather and the pleasant atmosphere.

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Cozumel Real Estate - A Quiet Island

Across the strait from Playa del Carmen is an island that takes an hour or two to drive across, and has a city (called Cozumel) of about the same size as Playa del Carmen.   The city and the island, however, likewise offer something distinct.   Since there are no other towns on the island, the city has no highway going through or past it to other locations (the main access is ferries from Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes away.)   There are only small roads heading out along the beachfront towards resorts and some small communities here and there.   There are also several Mayan pyramid sites; the island is one of only 2 places where Mayan communities continually lived since ancient times.


Those who live on Cozumel choose this island for its quiet lifestyle, close contact with nature, and the peaceful atmosphere that permeates the culture.


Tulum Real Estate - Nature, Sustainability & Luxury

The newest market just beginning to take off, about an hour south of Playa del Carmen, is Tulum.   Tulum existed as a small tourism outpost since the founding of Cancun because of a set of unique Mayan ruins overlooking the beachfront from on top of a small cliff.   Soon after, “eco” hotels began appearing near the beaches, where visitors could stay without any electricity or lights, enjoying the full splendor of the night lit only by the moon and stars.   As the town of Tulum began to grow recently, this is the concept that has caught on as the defining point of Tulum real estate.   The most significant addition to this concept is that of “eco glamour” or luxury real estate than is constructed and operates on sustainable principles.

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As you can see, the Mexican Caribbean offers a good deal of variety in its lifestyle atmospheres.   Talk to an agent from the area to help you decide which is best for you.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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