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We always hear about different places for vacation of retirement properties, and, in the end, many of them blur together.  If you are considering Puerto Vallarta real estate, you may need a little refresher about what makes this market area unique.  This is what we will offer you in this article.


  • Beaches – Mexico has miles and miles of beachfront; yet, those in Puerto Vallarta are some of the most beautiful and some of the most attractive for relaxing on.  It is also very important that the rest of the features of Puerto Vallarta make that much easier to enjoy these wonderful beaches!


  • Sunset Views – Puerto Vallarta is on the Pacific Ocean, meaning that the sunsets over the water are splendid!  The bright sun seemingly fills the sky with fire, which is reflected on the surface of the water; this view can be enjoyed from the beaches, from the oceanfront restaurants and cafes or from the comfort of your own terrace at home.


  • Bay Location – Part of the beauty of the views is that the city is located on a large bay, reaching out towards the horizon on either side.  This means that properties both on the beachfront and on the hillsides enjoy the splendid beach view!


  • Mountains – Surrounding the bay there are tree-covered mountains belonging to the Sierra Madre range.  These mountains not only add to the beauty of the view, but they also provide the hillside areas of the city from which residents can enjoy amazing views!


  • Old Town & Traditional Mexico – Not that long ago, Puerto Vallarta was a fishing town on the coast.  The old town is still there, and it is still just as charming with cobble-stone roads and little white homes with red-tiled roofs.   Local farmers still show up on mules, and fresh fish can still be bought in the markets.


  • Modern Services – In addition to an international airport with many affordable, direct flights, Puerto Vallarta also offers large international stores like Walmart, excellent hospitals and well-designed new roads.


  • Quality Properties at Accessible Prices – Many new condos and luxury homes are available in Puerto Vallarta real estate.  These offer all the comforts of modern life – perhaps even more than we’re used to from back home! – and, the best part, they are for sale at prices the average American can afford.

While many places may offer similar features, few include all of them, and even none combine them in the way that owning Puerto Vallarta real estate does.

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