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Yucatan real estate offers a variety of locations, property types and lifestyles; one of the most interesting (and for many buyers most attractive) combinations of these three factors is the colonial lifestyle offered by Merida homes for sale in or near the old historic center of this city.

  • What Merida Looks Like – Merida has Mexico’s second largest historic colonial center.  It is has straight, narrow streets, running past classic old buildings – churches, schools, galleries, etc. – and classic little homes with brightly painted facades packed tight together giving the impression that you are moving through a straight canyon of beauty, age and history.   Merida is, plainly put, picturesque in the most classic sense of a city.  These structures are balanced by green city squares with symmetrical walk ways laid out and tall green trees and beautiful flowers.


  • What Life is Like Merida is more than just a large museum to look at; it is living city that can be thoroughly enjoyed as a part of day to day life.  Expats tend to buy the colonial homes in the residential areas within an easy walk to the main downtown attractions.  Residents enjoy colonial beauty as a part of their day to day life – even at home – yet they also enjoy a walk every lifestyle.  They can walk to the local fruit and vegetable markets, to the bakeries, to the parks, the art galleries, to the English library and to much more.


  • Culture and Art – Of course, culture and art abound in Merida.  There are galleries of both local and international art and street-side art displays.  There is live music – street musicians, Mariachi bands in restaurants, and concerts.  There are museums.  There is of course plenty of history as well as guided and audio tours to learn about it and enjoy it at your own pace.  The culture in Merida is not pretentious or inaccessible, but it is a part of a relaxing everyday lifestyle.


  • A Modern Metropolitan – Finally, it is worth noting that Merida, at the same time as being a colonial gem that allows you to step back in time, it is also a modern metropolitan.  It includes international stores (like Walmart and Home Depot), modern shopping malls and state-of-the-art hospitals.  There is a well-connected international airport.  Any product or service you may need is readily found.


To appreciate life in Merida for what it really it is, it’s necessary to visit and stay for a while to “get into it.”  Chances are, you’ll want to buy your home right away and simply not back!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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