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If you are considering Mexico beachfront for sale, there are a good deal of options along Mexico's Pacific Coast; among these, two which stand out as excellent markets and also demonstrate the variety of styles are Puerto Vallarta real estate and Mazatlan real estate. Here, we will briefly review the style of each.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta is defined by modern beachfront luxury and comfort which has grown up around what was once a little fishing village - the Old Town.This Old Town has retained its original charm and character with cobblestone roads, little white homes, fresh markets with vegetables and seafood and local farmers arriving by mule with their goods. While it is not common to buy real estate in this area, the Old Town defines an important point in the lifestyle of the city.

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All around this Old Town, communities have either sprung up or those which have already existed have begun to gentrify. Some communities have been established along the beachfront, running north and west along the Bay of Banderas curving away from Puerto Vallarta out into the Pacific. Other communities have appeared on the hillsides. The city is nestled between the Bay and surrounding hills. Homes and condos in these communities have exceptionally spectacular views not of only of the beaches stretching out along the Bay, but also of the surrounding mountains and the town below.

Mazatlan Real Estate

While Mazatlan similarly combines the old with the new, it has manifested itself in a different way. It is one of the few colonial cities located directly on the beachfront. The city has been established for centuries now and the classic old downtown core is a splendid example of traditional Mexican architecture, large markets, regular festivities and a city which continues to live out Mexico's centuries old traditions in a living culture.

This classic colonial city is only a walk away from the splendid beaches of the Pacific. As in Puerto Vallarta, the beachfront areas have become home to high-rise condos, modern stores and large malls. Those who buy real estate in Mazatlan aren't choosing between beachfront luxury and colonial charm, but rather choosing both; this is true regardless if they buy a beachfront condo or an old colonial home in the central area.

These are only a few options in the Pacific area. To explore which option would be best for your lifestyle, speak to a real estate expert who is familiar with the various markets.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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