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When people think of Mexico real estate, they usually think of the beachfront. Now and then they may consider the idea of an old colonial town in the interior, but an option which people often forget about all together is that of small lakefront towns in this same central interior area.  While there are many charming towns of this sort, two areas which may be especially attractive to buyers are those in the Morelia real estate area and in the Valle de Bravo real estate area.

Morelia and Lake Patzcuaro

Morelia is a charming colonial city, very well kept up and offering a range of modern services.  About a 30 minute drive away is a large lake called Lake Patzcuaro.  Around the shores of this lake there are several villages, the most significant of which is also called Patzcuaro.  Like Morelia itself, the town of Patzcuaro is a charming example of very well preserved colonial.  While residents can enjoy seeing the old churches and beautiful old buildings, they can also enjoy a living culture based in centuries of tradition reaching back to before the time of the Spanish Conquest.  Local markets, regular festivities and simply the relaxing way of life are just a few examples of how this culture can become a regular part of lifestyle for Americans and Canadians.

Homes can be found both in the towns themselves and as quaint cottages along other parts of the lakeshore.  While residents enjoy beautiful views, traditions and a quiet lifestyle, the city is always only a short drive away.

Valle de Bravo Real Estate

Valle de Bravo is located a few hours south east of Morelia, about 2 hours away from the country’s largest metropolitan – Mexico City – offering a similar balance between a quiet lakefront lifestyle and nearby modern, urban services.

Valle de Bravo is located on a beautiful lake surrounded by hills.  While the town is not colonial, it is defined by cobblestone roads running up and down the hills and small, traditional Mexican white homes with red-clay roofs.  Mediterranean-style villas on the lakefront as well as ranches out in the countryside are some of the most popular real estate choices.

While Mexico City’s newest financial district with a large mall, international stores and several excellent hospitals is right at the entrance to the city (2 hours away,) a smaller city with all services (malls, hospitals, etc.) is only 1 hour away.

When considering your Mexico real estate options, be sure to give serious consideration to charming lakefront towns.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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