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If you've been considering Puerto Vallarta real estate, you've probably already noticed the lure of owning property on the beachfront.   The following are a few of the most common reason why people prefer Mexico beachfront for sale in Puerto Vallarta.


The Views - Beachfront views in Puerto Vallarta are spectacular!   Not only can residents see the fine beaches stretching out around the Bay of Banderas and the deep blue Pacific Ocean, but they can also see the surrounding the Sierra Mountains.   The properties are also idea for enjoying the views.   Condos included balconies and rooftop lounge areas with pools.   Single beachfront homes have large terraces and windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling, sometimes with glass walls that open up to enjoy outdoor fresh air and views from inside.


Easy Enjoyment of the Beach - Of course, a huge advantage of living on the beach is to be able to walk directly out of your front door onto the sand of the beautiful beaches.   There is nothing like walking out your front door onto the soft, warm beach to enjoy a morning walk in place that most people could only dream about.   While most people are dreaming about it, you can actually be enjoying it as part of your day to day life!


Easy Access to Amenities - Most beachfront properties are also very close to a wide range of amenities - restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, cafes, galleries, etc.   There are also usually nearby services like banks.   Fresh seafood and local produce markets are also easily to be found.   Much of this would be within walking distance.   Of course, depending on the lifestyle each buyer prefers, they can either choose the trendier downtown areas, or the more modern shopping centers.


Property Value - Beachfront property is usually considered among the most desirable; for this reason, properties in this location tend to hold their value fairly well.   The lifestyle offered by a beachfront property is always a constant, and for this reason this kind of property is a very safe and stable investment choice.


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Vacation Rental Potential - Those who don't use their property all year round can also explore the possibility of vacation rental to generate somewhat of an income.   This often helps to balance the cost of owning a beachfront vacation property.   Any buyer interested in this option should advise their agent so they can help identify a location and property idea of this purpose.


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